Self-defense Tactical Key Chain

Introduction: Self-defense Tactical Key Chain

although it looks like an average key chain, it can be useful to stop animals/humans in emergency situation.
it takes seconds to take it from your pocket and arm yourself.

Step 1: How to Make

1. take a - preferably unused - leftover bike chain (at least 9-11 links, ~12 centimeters, ~5 inches).

2. add two key rings to both ends of the chain.

3. optionally you can add one more - sliding - key ring to the chain.

4. add the keys to the two (or three) rings. try finding meaningful groups. for example: home + bike keys, basement keys, car keys.

Step 2: How to Use

hold the end of the chain in your hand and... swing.

hold both ends of the chain and ... use it at your own risk.

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