Introduction: Self-watering Container Garden

I made a completely portable garden that is self-watering. Each container has a water reservoir in the bottom that keeps the soil moist, and there's also a hole so excess water will drain out.

Tidy Cat kitty litter container (38 lb size)

4" perforated corrugated drainage pipe

1-1/2" PVC pipe

Potting soil

Step 1: Create a Water Reservoir

Cut a piece of 4" perforated corrugated drainage tile to length to fit the length of the container.

Cut a square notch in one end to fit the 1-1/2" PVC pipe

Step 2: Drill Overflow Hole

Drill a hole through the side, 4" from the bottom.

Step 3: Cut the Fill Tube

Cut the 1-1/2" PVC to length

Step 4: Assembly Time

Put the parts together as shown, add dirt, start planting!

Step 5: Watering

Add water via the fill tube until water flows out the overflow hole.