Introduction: Self Watering Thermal Insulated Greenhouse for Seedlings/cuttings From Water Bottle.

Self watering thermal insulated greenhouse for seedlings/cuttings from water bottle.

Step 1:

Materials Easy time less than 5 minutes

Paper towel
soil and seed or cutting
styrofoam cup

Step 2:

Cut water bottle 1/3 from bottom

Step 3:

put holes in bottom of cup

Step 4:

wrap paper towel around shaft of screwdriver

Step 5:

insert paper towel wrapped around screw driver through bottom of cup leaving1/4 length below cup

Step 6:

Fill cup with soil seed and or cutting with paper towel wick in center

Step 7:

Put cup in bottom of water bottle

Step 8:

Water and cover with top of bottle

Step 9:

Unscrew or remove cap to desired level of evaporation.