Introduction: SelfCAD Cool Tips and Tricks

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Learn 9 cool tips and tricks to use when designing in SelfCAD.

I recommend launching the Editor as you go through each tooltip.

To Launch the Editor, click here . If you haven't signed up on SelfCAD, follow this Link to do so. Let's get started!

Step 1: Aligning Models on Top of Another Model

  • You can easily align a model on top of the other in SelfCAD instead of dragging and dropping.
  • You can do this by selecting the object you want to align, select Align tool under the Advanced Transformation section.
  • On the reference section, select the model you want to be placed on top then Select Top and finalize.

Step 2: Copying Multiple Objects

  • Instead of using CTL+ C (learn more about Keyboard shortcuts here) when creating several copies of objects, you can use the Copy Offsets to do so.
  • Go to Edit drop-down menu, select Copy offset and set the number of copies of the models you need.
  • In order to align the objects, you have copied in a straight line, retain the position but change the value of the X-Axis to where you need it.

Step 3: Resizing the Workspace

  • Depending on the size of the model you are working on, you can easily customize the size of your workspace.
  • To do this, select the Workspace settings from the View section and adjust the values of the Workspace and segment sizes.

Step 4: Adjusting the Opacity and Light of the Workspace.

  • For those who have *eye disorders* you can be able to choose how your workspace will appear by playing around with the Opacity and Light values.

  • You can do this by going to View >Worspace settings >Opacity & Light.

Step 5: Using Camera Tool to Change View of a Model

  • Select the Camera tools in the Camera section and be able to change the view of your object.
  • In the second tool to the right, the drop-down menu gives you the option for true Front, Back, Top, Bottom, Right and Left.

Step 6: Twisting an Object

  • In SelfCAD, you can easily twist objects using Twist Tool found in the Advanced Transformation Section.

Step 7: Customizing Workspace Planes

  • Applying planes on the sides of the workspace is sometimes important especially when 3D designing or 3D modeling complex models.
  • You can customize them by going to Workspace settings Changing the values of Plane Show/Hide.
  • By selecting Show, you will be given the option to show or hide Lines, Measurements, and Labels.

Step 8: Rounding Objects

  • Round Shapes option found in the Tools section allows you to easily round any 3D object in SelfCAD.
  • This is one of our favorite tools and really makes using SelfCAD with 3D Printing in mind, easy.

Step 9: Creating a Hole or a Gap in a Model

  • The Difference option in the Stitch and Scoop tool (found under tools)allows one to create a hole or a gap in any model by extracting one model from the other.
  • You can achieve this by Selecting Difference under Stitch and Scoop tool ( [previously known as the Boolean tool) then select the object you want to extract.