Introduction: Semlor

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"Semlor" are Swedish buns filled with cream and almond paste, traditionally eaten on "fettisdagen", which translates to "the fat Tuesday", and is the day before Ash Wednesday. This year "fettisdagen" (also called "semmeldagen") is on 28 February which is today!

Step 1: The "mise En Place"

"Mise on place" is French for "putting in place" and that's what you start with. "Pretentious? Moi?" as Sybil in Fawlty Towers would say. Anyway, bring your bag with the semmel kit and put everything in place:

  • A box with slices of almond paste
  • A thermos with cream
  • A box with a box with powder sugar and a strainer
  • A bag with 12 buns
  • A bowl with an electric mixer
  • A knife
  • A spoon
  • A spatula

Step 2:

  • Take a bun and cut off the top, which will become "the lid of the semla"
  • Remove some crumbs from the bottom
  • Put a slice of almond paste where the crumbs used to be
  • Put back the crumbs on the almond paste

Step 3: Whip the Cream

  • Remove the mixer from the bowl, pour the cream from the thermos into the bowl and whip it
  • Optional step: mess it up a little, and splash some cream on the table.
  • Required step if optional step was selected: clean up the mess

Step 4: Continue With a Whole Bunch of Buns

  • Cut the top of all buns
  • Take out crumbs and put almond paste in all buns
  • Put a scoop of whipped cream on each bun

Step 5: Almost There...

  • Put back the lids on top of the cream
  • Put a small amount of powder sugar in a strainer
  • Gently knock on the strainer and let the sugar fall like snow on each lid

Step 6: Time to Enjoy!

Now is the time to bring some friends and enjoy the semmels. But wait - there are some things that are not very clear in this instructable. Or 'ible as Sybil in Fawlty Towers would say.

How do you do make the buns? Simple, just follow steps 1-13 in this recipe

How much cream and almond paste do you need? Really depends on your taste, but 300 ml of unwhipped cream and 200 g of almond paste should be enough. And the powder sugar? Very very little.


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    5 years ago

    My kids will love these.


    Reply 5 years ago

    I hope they will, good luck when you make them!

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Those look really tasty. I am going to have to try making them sometime this week. Is the almond paste typically sweetened?


    Reply 5 years ago

    Yes, Swedish almond paste is usually 50% almonds, and 50% sugar. It is similar to marzipan, but not as sweet (Marzipan might have 75% sugar in it). It is quite easy to make your own almond paste. 100 g sugar, and 100 g almonds. Soak the almonds in water over night. Then mix the almonds and sugar in a food processor some minutes until it becomes a paste. Watch this video (in Swedish, but it should be easy to follow). Good luck and please post a picture here when you have made them!