Introduction: Send Alert Location Inform to Twitter Using GPS With WIZwiki-W7500

Hello everyone!

This instructable has another name, "Who cares when I am in a trouble!".

The purpose of this project to chasing the root in Alert situation.

It happens around us sometimes, no one there near us when we are in trouble.

At that time, we need to notice others with our situation or location information.

For all, I made prototype "Who cares when I am in a trouble".

Step 1: Twitter With Proxy Server

There are so many social network we can choose as great solution to notice our situation.

I just choose one of them, It is possible to change what you want , of course.

And I use Proxy Server.

Proxy Server is like a substitute which join other server instead of me.

I saved data to Proxy Server cache and only when I request the proxy server, it sends data to specific other server.

The reason I use the proxy server, It is hard to connect directly to twitter (just for me) and also do make a form the format data type twitter request.

Proxy Server :

Step 2: Hardwired

Hardware is so simple to compare with before my instructables.

We need only three things, SWITCH to make start, BUZZER to alert, GPS to get location information.

I did amplify sound with TR on Buzzer schematic.

And there are other way to do it with peripheral registers.

These are key gears I used :

1. WIZwiki-W7500 :

2. Buzzer :

3. GPS :

Step 3: Code Description

Code also so simple with Ethernet.

WIZwiki-W7500 has TCP/IP hardwared, That's why I use this platform with web project.

join proxy server and get Token it supports then put in your code.

Get location information from GPS.

And I add 90000 to current time, the time from GPS sensor is UTC.

So, if you want to monitor your country time, I need to change the time line.

Build message format Proxy server requests to send Twitter Server.

One thing I wanna notice is It was so hard to recognize where it is exactly with GPS information.

Caz, it has longitude and latitude.

So, I made the range of GPS to easy to get location information.

Step 4: Final Performance

This is the final performance!

When I push the switch, WIZwiki-W7500 send location and current time message every 1 min to Proxy Server.

Then proxy server send data to my Twitter account.

This is only prototype!

you have chance to develop it to so many ways!


Step 5: Open Source

Share source with

I separated the project with three programs.

Only get GPS infromation program version.

Switch, buzzer and GPS without Proxy Server version.

And this project version.