Introduction: Send Data to the AskSensors IoT Platform From the Web Browser

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I have posted recently an instructable showing a step by step guide to connect an ESP8266 node MCU to AskSensors IoT Platform. I got some feedback from people more interested in the AskSensors platform, but they don't have a node MCU in hand. This is why I am writing this tutorial to show briefly how we can send data to AskSensors using web browser.

Step 1: Sign Up for AskSensors

If you have not created an AskSensors account yet, you can get one for free here.

Step 2: Create a Sensor to Send Data To

  1. Create new sensor device and add a module to send data to.
  2. Copy down the Api Key In. We will use it in the next step.

Step 3: Build the URL

The URL format for one module:
  • Change the 'apiKeyIn' by your Api Key In.
  • Change the 'value1' by a value from your choice.

A complete example showing how to format the URL is shown in this getting started guide.

Step 4: Type the URL in Web Browser

Open your web browser and type the URL you have built in the previous step.

You should get '1' as response indicating the number of module updated successfully.

Step 5: Visualize Your Data in AskSensors

  • Return back to your AskSensors workspace.
  • Open your sensor device and show a Graph for your module (Module 1).
  • You should get all the data you are sending from your browser (value1) plotted in the graph.

Step 6: DONE!

That's all, quick and easy!
Read more tutorials in the AskSensors blog.
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