Send SMS With Arduino (no Shield )

Introduction: Send SMS With Arduino (no Shield )

In this simple instructable will show how to send SMS with no need for any kind of shield ( just your smart phone :D ) and Bluetooth module ( e.g HC-06) or Serial cable (OTG) .

First go to play store and download BlueAct from here . open the app :

-Add Action

-fill the fields :

-name : the name of the action could be any thing lets give it test

-play on : is what willl trigger the action so lets give s ( it will be converted to #s; when you move on) so when ever you send #s; the message will be sent

- message : the text message you want to send

- number: the phone number that will be sent to

Now you are ready :

-Connect and send from arduino #s; ............... e.g : Serial.write("#s;"); ....

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**We have added new action which is Voice Action (Send Voice Command To your arduino ) see this link :D

For more actions visit the link here

Please if you have any comments send it to blueact email

Enjoy :D .

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4 years ago

I'm lost. Downloaded Blueact, looks NOTHING like your screens. Is there a sketch? A schematic? Is this using the serial monitor to communicate? WAY more questions than answers.


5 years ago

hello sir,,, the problem that i am facing is...actually i want this only but some modifications like the serial.write that u sended from your computer with is connected to arduino... i want to make the arduino independent ... is this any way from which the serial.write will go to arduino when a (5v or 3v input is recieved by the arduino......please help sir i really need this


6 years ago on Introduction

Hey Ram Mere,
I am very interested in this kind of application. But I want it to run local area.
Is it possible to Arduino calls Android mobile-phone over wifi?
Then smartphone receiving wifi message will vibrate and display "From A" or "From B" depending on the cause origin of the call.
This is to help a deaf person if someone rings the door or the street gate.
Thank you in advance for your help.


7 years ago

Hi, that looks great! Where can I find the Arduino code?

Thanks in advance!

ram mere
ram mere

Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

Just download the app and add SMS action after that you get a snippet ( line of code ) from the app to write in you arduino to send the SMS :D