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Introduction: Sense Scanner Holder for MacBook Pro

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Sense Scanner Holder for a MacBook Pro

While scanning people and objects with the hand-held Cubify Sense 3D scanner (, it's highly desirable to view the computer screen while actively scanning. Holding both the laptop and scanner at the same time is quite cumbersome, so we designed an ergonomic approach to scanning.

The Sense Scanner Holder is fitted to the Sense scanner handle and snaps easily into place. The scanner can be the edge of the computer screen. The holder

Step 1: 3D Print and Fit

Print directly from the Stl file.

After printing the design on a 3D printer, The part snap fits directly onto the handle. Its that simple and ready to go.

Igs, and rhino files are included if you want to make additional edits.

Step 2: Scanning

The scanner fits perfectly on the edge of the screen. Now you can hold the laptop with two hand securely while scanning in your objects.


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