Introduction: Sequins Christmas Tree

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Christmas is one of my favorite celebrations of the year, I love to decorate my house so that it radiates the Christmas spirit all around. Every year I like to make some changes and add new stuff. This year I've decided I want to keep it silver and white so this is going to look great with the rest of the decorations I've prepared.

Ready to know how I made it? Keep reading!

Step 1: Materials

Styrofoam cone

Silver hologram sequins

Short sewing pins

Silver little beads string

Step 2: First Sequins

Grab one sewing pin and put it trough the little hole in one sequin.

Spike it in the styrofoam and keep repeating this with your sequins. You are going to start from the bottom to make the sequins look like fish scales.

Step 3: Keep Going Up

Keep going up putting more and more sequins. Be careful to put them close enough so that you cannot see any styrofoam between the sequins.

When you get to the highest part you'll need to bend the sequins a little to make them follow the shape of the cone.

Step 4: Beads

Once all your cone is covered with sequins you can put the beads string around your Christmas tree. Use some sewing pins to hold it in place.

It's ready! It reflects so much light and it's design is very simple and clean.

Happy Holidays!

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