Introduction: Serial Communication Between Android and Arduino Through Telnet


  • Python 2.7 software with pyserial package
  • Mobile Telnet android application
  • Arduino software

Step 1: Introduction

Here, In this instructable i described about serial communication between android phone and arduino through telnet. To test this, i used my android phone as WiFi hotspot and i connected my laptop to my phone WiFi hotspot with arduino connected.

Step 2: IP Details

  • First,Turn on your mobile internet and switch on your portable wifi hotspot and connect your laptop with your phone.
  • Go to command prompt and type ipconfig to get the IP details
  • After obtained your IP details please disable your mobile internet(its up to you). It will work in both cases.
  • my machine IP is and my mobile gateway IP is and it shown in the above screen shot.

Step 3: Procedure

In this instructable, i am going to turn on pin 13 led on the arduino board through telnet

to do this,

first, upload the blink.ino file into your arduino board and run the file from your laptop.

next, run the Mobile Telnet android application. In the Telnet settings type your machine ip address and telnet port (port address shown in file)address as shown in the figure and press connect button to connect your mobile telnet app with your laptop.

now type "1" to turn on pin 13 led and type "2" to turn off pin 13 led and type "2" to close the connection.

blink.ino file link file link

Mobile Telnet android application link

please refer the screen shots.

Step 4: Python Output

Step 5: Github Repo