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Introduction: Serial LED Light Using Multi Color LED's

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An Serial LED light is not so expensive but if you are DIY lover(an Hobbyist) like me then you can make your own serial LEDs and it's cheaper than the light available in market.So, Today I am going to make my own Serial LED light which runs on 5 Volt DC.....Why????.........Why DIY light????.......Here is some of the reasons....


1)Electric shok proof

2)you can easily run this using 3.7Volt battery

3)Cheaper and safe than lights available in market...

So, Lets start to make this....

Step 1: Step 1:- Materials & Tools

All materials are listed below and you can find this materials and tools in local hobby shop.I bought all materials from local electronics shop in India, I got this(see image) Multicolor RGB LEDs for 5$(1000 pcs) and 0.3-0.5mm flexible wire for 1$(about 100M).....**In my case the LEDs is 5mm RGB and RB one**.Here is the full materials and tools list.....

1)Soldering Iron

2)Soldering Wire

3)Soldering Paste

4)0.3 or 0.5mm flexible wire(as your requirement Length)

5)RGB or any type of LEDs

6)5 Volt Adapter(you can use your mobile charger)


9)Duct or Any Tape

10)DC power jack(optional)

11)Wire stripper

So, we got all materials Let's make it..........

Step 2: Step 2:-How to Make..

First cut the flexible wire at the length of 4 inch and strip both of the ends (about 1cm on each end).solder the wire on LEDs +ve and -ve terminals like in the image.And then connect the LEDs parallely +ve to +ve and -ve to -ve of the LEDs terminals and solder them,make long strip of LEDs by connecting parallely and cut the cardboard like in the image and place the cardboard between the +ve & -ve terminals of LEDs and fix this using tape by repeating the above procedure you can make long strips of LES about 10-20 meters.....

NOTE:-Make-sure the polarity of the LEDs connected as describe.....

Step 3: Step 3:-Ready to Use.....

After making the strips as your require length connect the +ve terminal of strip to +ve terminal of Adapter(5-9V) and -ve to -ve, now switch on the adapter.........your serial LED light is ready...See Video ....below.....

**Note**:-The require power is vary according to your materials used....

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    4 years ago

    Awesome technic to make own LED strip....


    4 years ago

    That's a fun way to create your own custom strings :)