Introduction: Serving a Table

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to serve people drinks and food in a fun atmosphere? Well I can teach you how! As someone who is going onto 5 years of serving, I can get you started on how to properly serve guests. I will show you in 7 simple steps!


The background to this would take place in an actual restaurant but since I am teaching you how, I am doing this from home. Supplies needed would be, a table, a chair, silverware, napkins, glassware, plates, a menu, a computer system, a writing book, food, and possibly condiments.

Step 1: Greet, Welcome, Give Menus, Drink Orders.

Step one is to greet, welcome, give menus to the guests, and take their drink orders! Always make sure you communicate with the customer, whether you are saying ‘Hello' or saying ‘I will be with you shortly.’ Miscommunication or no communication at all could lead to grumpy guests!
Once the guests have chose their table, bring menus, silverware, and napkins immediately! Let them know of any specials going on also! At your first visit to the table always grab their drink orders!

Step 2: Delivering Drinks, Getting Appetizer Order.

Step two is delivering the drinks, and getting an appetizer order in right away. (Not every table is going to want an appetizer but if they happen to do want one, write it down and put it into the computer system.)
Drop off the drinks and ask the table if they need a minute to look at the menu, and if they do, this is when you would go to the computer system and put the appetizers in to be sent back to the kitchen to be made. *Once appetizers are ready, bring them out to the table right away.

Step 3: Taking the Order.

Step three is taking the order and putting it into the computer system. (Be aware of anything the kitchen is out of.)
Politely ask if the guests are ready to order, begin by taking the order of the table. Most menu items come with a side, but not all. If they are eligible for a side make sure to ask them what they would like. Also ask if they need any special sauces like ranch, bbq etc.. Now that you have the correct information rom the guests, put everything into the computer system. Check everything over and send it to be made.

Step 4: Checking in on Table.

Step four is checking in on how the table is doing with drinks and seeing if the appetizers are good. While the food is being prepared check to see if your table is doing okay on drinks and take any dirty dishes out of the way if there is any. If they need another drink grab that right away.

Step 5: Taking Out the Food.

Once your tables food is ready, start by grabbing all the appropriate sauces/dressings for each meal. Set the food down in front of the same person who ordered it and if everything is correct ask if they need anything else.

Step 6: Checking on the Customer.

Step six is checking in on the customers and asking if they would care for anything else.
Ask how everyone’s food is tasting (if there are any issues with the food, bring back to the kitchen to remake.) Ask if anyone would like anything else, if not grab any finished plates out of the way and you can begin to finalizing the ticket on the computer system, make sure everything is right, print it off, and drop it off at the table.

Step 7: Step Seven Is Finishing Up the Table.

Step seven is finishing up with the table. Once they have the payment method ready to go, grab it for them and take care of it at the computer system. Bring it back to the table and thank them for coming in. Take the rest of the dirty plates out of the way and bring to the kitchen. Once they have left clean and sanitize the table and restock the condiments.