Introduction: Setup Blynk - Connecting Via USB

In this tutorial, you will learn how to setup Blynk, but over USB.


  • Arduino/Supported Board (Needs to be supported for USB transmission, check here)

Step 1: Setup USB in the Application

You will need Blynk for this project so that you can see the results in real time anywhere in the world. You can see how to setup Blynk in my previous tutorial. You will need to a few things when you make your application when you are choosing the connection method in the app you need to select USB.

Step 2: Setup USB in Code

The other thing you will need to change is when you go to you need to select Serial or USB. You need to use this code instead.

Step 3: Run Command

The other thing you need to do after plugging in your board is to navigate to C:\Users\CYourUsername\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Blynk\scripts and run blynk-ser.bat, this will automatically locate your board/hardware and connect it to the blynk server.

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