Introduction: Sew a Bow Pillow

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Your bow pillow will be approximately 19″ wide x 11″ tall at each end when finished.

Sewing skill level: beginner

100% Polyester Fabric*48″ x 12″ for the pillow13″ x 6 1/2″ for the tiePolyester stuffingSewing machine and basic sewing supplies* Any fabric type is appropriate for this DIY bow pillow. 100% polyester fabric is recommended because it’s soft and stretchy, perfect for a pillow. Flannel cotton and fleece are very soft as well, perfect for children’s pillows. Check out the post on choosing fabric for sewing toys. This will give you the pros and cons for choosing the fabric for your pillow.

Happy stitching! Let's begin.

Step 1: Cut the Fabric

Step 1. Cut your fabric for the bow and the tie. Below are the dimensions for both.

I prefer to create a paper pattern by cutting and taping pieces of paper together in the dimensions needed. Then I pin the paper patter to the fabric and cut the fabric. This is optional. You can simply measure and cut without the paper pattern if you prefer. I like the paper because it helps me cut more evenly. For the bow pillow, cut a 48″ long x 12″ wide piece of double layered fabric. This will include a 1/4″ seam. For the tie in the middle, cut a 13″ x 6 1/2″ piece of single layered fabric. This will also include a 1/4″ seam.

Step 2: Pillow Tie

Step 2. Fold the tie fabric lengthwise with fabric right sides together and stitch along the side of the seam.

Step 3. Still with right sides together, stitch along the seam on one side of the tie.

Step 4. Reverse right side out through the opening.
Step 5. Stuff lightly with polyester stuffing so that the tie remains relatively flat.

Step 6. Stitch the opening closed by hand using a ladder stitch. Ironing the fabric along the folded seam first will make it easier to stitch.

Step 3: Bow Pillow

Step 7. With fabric right sides together, stitch along the seam on both sides of the pillow, leaving the ends open.

Step 8. Still with fabric right sides together, stitch along one side of the opening of the pillow.

Step 9. Reverse right side out through the opening. Iron the opening along the folded seams.

Step 10. Lay the pillow down and fold the left and right sides in so that they touch in the middle. Mark the location of where the fabric will fold and the middle of the pillow with a pin. Put the pin at the top of each fold. You will want to avoid putting stuffing along these folds and the middle where the tie will go.

Step 11. Stuff with polyester stuffing avoiding the folds on both sides of the pillow as well as the middle where you marked with the pin. Your pillow should remain flat after stuffing. You don’t want to over stuff or else it won’t fold correctly into a bow.

Step 12. Test your stuffing by folding the pillow again and squeezing in the middle. If need be, adjust the stuffing and add more/remove as needed.

Step 13. When finished stuffing, stitch the opening closed by hand with a ladder stitch.

Step 14. Remove the pins at the folds. Fold the pillow, pin together and ladder stitch the ends together.

Step 4: Attach Tie to Pillow.

Step 15. Wrap the tie around the middle of the pillow, squeezing the pillow and pin the two ends of the tie together. Stitch the two ends of the tie together using a ladder stitch, like you would if you were stitching an opening closed.