Introduction: Heart Box Template for Valentine's Day

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Make a heart shaped box for Valentine’s Day! Great classroom party craft idea!!

Supplies you will need:
card stock paper (white or colored as desired)
glue or glue stick or tape
razor blade or craft knife to cut a small slash

Optional to decorate the box:
paints, crayons, markers, oil pastels, colored pencils to color the box
plastic jewels, pompoms, fun fur, feathers, stickers, buttons, glitter

Card stock paper is recommended because of it’s thickness but any paper will work. If you want to use construction paper, print the template out on card stock, cut it out and then trace it onto the construction paper. You can either use colored paper or color the box with your favorite drawing or coloring tools. Use crayons, paints, makers, colored pencils or oil pastels! You can also decorate your heart box with a variety of craft supplies. Try using stickers, plastic jewels, buttons, pompoms, glitter or even fun fur! Let the creativity out!

Step 1: Make and Decorate!


print the heart box template out on card stock paper.
Fold along all of the fold lines
Cut a slash along the line that says cut (razor blade or craft knife)
Glue tab C to the inside edge of side E
Glue tab B to the inside edge of side A
Insert tab A through the cut line

Decorate and color as desired!