Introduction: Sew a Frock for a 6 Months Old Girl....

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This is a very easy tutorial, but difficult to explain, I am doing my best to teach you how to sew this, if there are any questions please inbox me or mention in the comments below. I am not a professional; I am just a beginner to sewing. Ideas and suggestions appreciated :) Let’s get started

Step 1: Begin to Draw.

You can draw on paper, or with computer software. Either way, outline the basic shape of the garment you wish to design, starting with big ideas and adding details as you refine the drawing.

Step 2: Select a Fabric.

A lot of the success of your design can depend on what colors you use. Think about the garment's intended purpose and how you imagine someone wearing it. Then choose your colors accordingly. Try to blend unexpected color combinations to add an element of surprise to your design.
Consider texture and flow of fabric in relation to your pattern.

Step 3: Draw a Sewing Block Pattern..

Leave ½” on top of the paper which you are going to draw the block. And mark 3 ¾” and take down ½” and mark a point right below. Join AB as shown in the pic.

Step 4: Neck Line.

Mark 1 ½” from A, which is C, refer the picture.
Mark 2” down from A and draw the neckline.

Step 5: Bodice.

From the top line mark 5”, and draw line across as shown in the picture. (XZ)
On the drawn line mark 5 ½”.

Step 6: Arm Hole..

Join MN as shown in the picture.
Mark ½” up from N, n curve it as shown and mark another 1 ½” up.
Draw the arm hole as shown

Step 7: Seam Allowance and Cut..

Leave sewing allowance ½” and cut along the dotted lines.

Step 8: Skirt..

Right below the place where you cut the block of the bodice, leave ½” and draw a line following the same curve.

Mark 9” down and draw a line across, mark 10” across, and mark ¾” up and curve it. Refer the picture.

Leave ½” sewing allowance and cut.

That is the basic kid’s frock pattern.

Step 9: Cut the Fabric.

You will need dressmaking pins, a pair of scissors, fabric and the block you drew.
Pin the block of the bodice on the fabric which is folded in half and cut, you will need 2 of these, inner lining preferably in cotton.

Step 10: Back Bodice.

To cut the bodice of the back portion, leave 1 ½” and pin the block to the fabric and cut, you will need 4 of these, 2 from the outer fabric and 2 cotton inner linings.

Step 11: Cut the Skirt.

To cut the skirt, leave 6 ½” and place the block, pin and cut.
Fold the purple fabric in bias and cut a 2” width piece of fabric.

Step 12: Press.

As shown in the picture, on the back bodice mark 1”, fold and press. Press all 4

Step 13: Sew..

On the skirt upper hem line, sew a gathering stitch. And gather the material.

Step 14: Sewing Neck Line..

Keep both the bodice parts of the front and sew the neckline and put small cut marks and turn to the proper side. Refer the picture.

Follow same instructions for the back bodice, turn to the proper side and sew along the red line shown.

Step 15: Sewing the Shoulder..

Take a part of the back bodice and sew it with the front bodice, as shown. Do the same with the other back bodice. Refer picture

Pin the purple fabric and sew, shown in the picture

Step 16: Sewing the Arm Hole..

Cut a facing for the armhole. You will need 2 pieces of this.

Sew the facing as shown, put small cut marks fold over and sew by hand.

Make a small pleat in the purple fabric pin and press.

Step 17: Attach Bodice and the Skirt..

Attach the skirt to the bodice.

On the back, overlap 1/2” on the bodice, which is for the buttons. And pin them. And then attach the skirt.

Turn over and sew the sides.

Sew the bottom hem line. And you are done

Step 18: Done..

Press the folds well, and accessorize with flowers, brooches, rhinestones it’s up to you .

Finally it would look like this.

If there is any doubt, please inbox me or mention in the comments below
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