Introduction: Classis Smokey Eye

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Classic smokey eye is a must know for every woman, it can be a natural day time look with warm toned eye shadows, and a dramatic night time look with cool toned eye shadow.

what you will need,

a black eye pencil or a kajal

a fluffy blending brush and a smudge brush, both of mine are from sephora


matte brown eye shadow

shimmery pearl colored eye shadow

matte black eye shadow

white or nude colored eye liner

eye primer, mine is by younique

Step 1: Prep..

apply some eye primer on your lids and around your eyes. load your blending brush with matte brown eye shadow, I'm using the color on the lower center in the picture. Apply it generously on your crease. this will be our transition shade.

Step 2: Classic Black..

using your black eyeliner pencil fill in your lid, do not go over your crease. After filling in it with the pencil top it with a black eye shadow using a smudging brush. use patting motion. this helps avoid the black eye liner pencil smudging or transferring. using your blending brush blend the black in to the transition shade, make sure you blend out all the harsh lines.

Step 3: Highlight..

Define your brows using a product of your choice.

using a flat brush apply a pearl colored shimmer eye shadow on the brow bone. I'm using the lower middle shadow shown in the picture.

Using the same smudging brush which we used to apply the black eye shadow, with no extra products on it run it right below your lower lash line and smudge it downwards.

Step 4: Waterline and Inner Corner Highlight..

Line your water line using a white or a nude colored liner pencil, I'm using liner pencil in color pristine by younique.

using the same highlighting shadow, Apply it on the inner corner of your eyes to bring more aliveness and to open up your eyes.

Step 5: Final Touches..

clean up any fall outs under your eyes and apply a concealer. And finish off your look with mascara or falsies of your choice.

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