Introduction: Sewing Mail Box for Children With Mixed Media Fabric

About: industrial designer

I prepare this tutorial for sewing mail box for playing. Sewing the round box with zipper is not a rocket science and everybody know how to do it.
For me it was more interesting how to make your very unique Mixed Media Fabric. OK, it is a little bit artish, but it is fun to do it, and most part of it you could do it together with your child.

The technic is useful for a lots of different art project, so maybe you will like it.
If somebody is interested, how I got this idea, you could read on my Bludor Magazine. All the coments are very welcome.

Step 1: Ingredients for Mixed Media Fabric

For this project you will need:
- PVA glue
- fabric; the base fabric, for soaking it in the PVA glue, lining fabric (my is black with dots), and texture scrap pieces
- paper, or other samples of texture, like onion bag
- sewing machine, iron, plate, scissors, bucket or similar
- one zipper
- Gesso Primer and Acrylic colors
- and your time

Step 2: Mixed PVA With Water

Mixed PVA glue together with a water. Pure the mixture in bigger container and put inside your basic fabric. Live it for a awhile that fabric could soak enough milky water.

Step 3: Overnight Drying

Hang the fabric out to dry overnight.

Step 4: Ironing

Iron the fabric flat.

Step 5: Cut the Fabric

Cut the fabric to the size you need. I cut two round pieces and one long rectangle.

Step 6: Have Fun.

Prepare a thin solution of PVA glue and water. One tablespoon of PVA and half-a cup of water.

Now start having fun. Glue texture scrap pieces that you found in the house on to the fabric. Glue them in layers, and also use a paper.

Don't forget to protect your working surface with newspaper. Wait until everything is dry.

I just remember, this part is fun to do together with your kid, if he or she is more than 3 years old.

Step 7: Drying....

After all the pieces are dry, you could start sewing the texture. Use a machine sewing and hand stitches are nice also.

Step 8: On the Edge Sew It on the Lining Fabric

Cut nice round shape and on the edge sew it on the lining fabric. (my is black with dots). Also make a hole for the letters and sew the lining fabric here with a cik-cak stitch. At the end cut away all the black material. Prepare the same rectangle shape of “your lovely handmade fabric”.

Step 9: Sewing Mail Box Shape

On one side of rectangle sew the zipper and sew this to both round pieces.

NOTE: If you plan to do object like a book cover or similar, it is possible to put on your "handmade fabric" Gesso primer before you sewing everything together.
This was my first piece like that and I decided to sew the pieces before the Gesso primer.

Step 10: Detail

This is a detail of my front mail box after I put Gesso primer on it. When everything is dry you could start painting with acrylic colors.

Step 11: Side and Back View

Side and back view of open box prepared for coloring. I plan to put two eyelets on the back of the box, so I will hang it on to the wall. (don't have a picture of this, because I don't have a tool at home).

Step 12: Painting

Paint with Acrylic colors.