Introduction: Shadow Light Box - Control by IR Remote With Arduino

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This instruction will guide how to make shadow light box for next Christmas. You can make for yourself to decorate your room, or make it for your friend as a gift.

This shadow box can make various kind of color by mixing color by Red, Blue, Green color. Control via IR remote with main controller Arduino UNO.

Let's start!

Watch the instruction video firstly for easy understand :)

Step 1: Summarize About Parts

Electronics side:

1. Arduino UNO

2. IR remote module

3. RGBLED strip

4. Transistor

5. Resistor

6. Bread board and cables

Hardware side:

1. MDF box by laser cut (Corel Draw file)

(PDF file)

2. Paper pattern

Step 2: Design the MDF Box and Scene

I made the box from MDF wood which is can be strong and easy for making with laser cnc machine.

The desgin file for MDF box (also for the scene) can be download here (Google share)

In case you don't have cnc machine, you can make your own box by paper, for example.

I cut the scene also by laser cnc machine. You can print out and cut manually with knife.

Remember, paper is the thick one, it's called "paper stock"

Step 3: Install the Box

The box is designed to be matched together, so it's easy to install. You can use glue to keep all them to be fixed.

Step 4: Install Paper

Install paper by order of each paper. They're kept in distance by spacer

Step 5: Make Circuit

Make circuit as above.

LED strip has 3 color Red, Green and Blue which will be control by IR remote.

I use button 1, 2, and 3 to adjust intense of each color. Mixing of each intense light of R, G, B will make another color.

PWM pulse is used to control intense of LED light. Because LED need 12V for operation while Arduino UNO has only 5V output, so i use some transistor to control voltage for LED.

We should make to circuit before install it into the box.

Step 6: Download the Code

The code is just to receive command from IR remote, then sort out what kind of command to adjust light of Red, Blue, and Green LED.

The code can be download here (Google share)

Step 7: Install LED Strip and Arduino Into Box

Stick LED strip into wood plate in zig-zag path to make light can cover all the scene. Then install Arduino UNO with breadboard.

Step 8: Enjoy It

Install power and back cover. And enjoy it!

I hope you like my project and instruction.

Please leave comment. Your comment will encourage my next project. Thanks :)

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