Introduction: Shadri's Spike Through the Stomach

About: I love making random things out of other random things! It is my most bestest art form.

Thanks to this Instructable for the instructions:

I made this literally 20 minutes before  we left for trick-or-treating - but it didn't turn out too shabby, I think.  I made the back one longer because I didn't have enough long tubes, and I figured the tube would probably lose momentum on the way in, anyway. 

Front:  Toilet paper tube covered in foil, then red paint.

Back:  Paper towel tube covered in foil, with a little red paint around the base

My method:  I poured the paint on my hands and smeared it around with my fingers, which killed 2 birds with 1 stone: I got my shirt AND my hands bloody (presumably from clutching at my wound).

Sorry for the shabby photos - I had poor lighting.  :)