Introduction: ShapeS

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WARNING!!! This Instructable is not a traditional one and it's a bit metaphysical.

I'm not a designer, but during these years I've completed so many projects (some of them have been successful, as I have the products on sale worldwide), that I've came to the conclusion we are surrounded by objects that sometimes can be reassembled in a different way, creating brand new gadgets.

It's true that 3D printing allows us to do the same thing, but currently not everyone can afford a 3D printer.

Therefore what we can possibly do?

There are plenty of shapes out there, that we can re-adapt to suit our needs; it's just a matter of thinking how we can

re-use the things are around us.

I've published 16 Instructables (so far), pursuing this philosophy and I wanted to remark my re-discovering process, through the use of objects we can easily find at home.

Let me introduce my Black Stag Beetle...

Step 1: The Black Stag Beetle

A few years ago I've purchased a WLtoys V939 Ladybird and I wasn't keen about its shape.

So using a Spontex Disposable Gloves box, I've designed a new canopy that make my drone much cooler.

I've also made an RC 3 servo simple hexapod, using the same features.

Step 2: DIY FPV Goggles for IPhone and Samsung (out of 2 Boxes of Persil)

FPV (First Person View) is a very cool thing, but years ago was a bit pricey.

So I thought that 2 boxes of Persil (washing liquid bags), would have been perfect for my project...

Guess what? It worked!

Step 3: K/\steroid Game for Mini/Micro/Nano Drones

Every single bit of this play set for mini/micro/nano drones has been put together from scratch.

A water bottle, some skewers, popsicle sticks, foam plates, a toilet roll and a super cheap hairdryer...

If you take a look at the picture, you'll see what K/\steroid is made of.

Step 4: Litterally... the Sky Is the Limit! Aka an Attempt to Make a Replica of the Martian Space Helmet

PVC clear dome are very expensive and after doing a bit of research, I've found this alternative and cheap solution:

the cake holder!

The rest of the helmet has been crafted using a cardboard box and some PVC pipes.

Who'd ever guessed that presenting a cake can eventually bring you to Mars?

Step 5: Anyone for a Slice of Camembert, With an Hint of Soldering Wire? Aka Fish Feeder

Even the packaging for food can be good to make your project.

Or, generally speaking, any packaging, plastic box, container can be transformed in something you need, to create your own gadget.

Step 6: Ikea Vackis Alarm to MP3 Player

Finally, a pleasant sound comes out of the Alarm Clock!

Look around you, if there is an object you observe every day, maybe it's time to create something you like.

Enjoy your own re-discovering process.


If there is a Company which likes my projects and want to offer me a job, or even 3D printer,

It's always more than welcome :-)