Introduction: Share a Model in Fusion 360 Using a Public Link

There are many ways to collaborate in Fusion 360 - with your team, with outside stakeholders, within your organization, with yourself, with friends, or with clients, etc.

But a really easy way to share with someone (especially someone who doesn't have or who doesn't need to have Fusion 360 installed) is to share a public link. It lets people see your model, navigate an exploded view, peruse the list of parts, identify properties, etc. The example outcome would be this:

It's really just a quick way to share out with people who don't necessarily need to edit the model.

This example model is an example from FirstBuild's "Roast Coffee in Your Home Oven" design challenge - to learn how to make it in Fusion, take a gander at this Instructable.

And finally, if you don't have Fusion 360 (or even know what it is), it's free to download here.

I'd encourage anyone to go take a look and play with it! It's professional-grade product design software, but it's really popular with hobbyists, makers, and DIY'ers as well... really made to do-learn. :)

Quick note: all of the steps have an animated .gif - if they're not moving, or you having trouble seeing them, you might have to look at them in a full browser on a computer). I'm not totally certain where they work and where they don't.

Step 1: Open the Data Panel

In Fusion, all of your cloud-stored files are accessible in the design window.

Click the 9-square icon in the top left to expand the Data Panel.

In the data panel, you'll find any data that you've uploaded to or have saved to your cloud storage. All of your data is organized into projects - and you can open individual projects in this panel. Once you're looking at a project, you can upload files, manage files, open files, get information, or share publicly.

Step 2: Share Public Link

Once you've found the file you want to share out, just right-click it and choose the option "Share Public Link."

Step 3: Copy Link

A pop-up window will give you choices for your link. You can then choose to share the latest version (whenever you save it, it will update and someone using the same link will see the updated version). Pressing the "copy" button will automatically copy the link, then you can just paste that sucker into something like an email or FB message or tweet, and anyone can view the 3D model.

You can also make the link password-protected, and choose if you want others to be able to download a copy or not.

And that's it! Share away, folks!