Introduction: Sharing the Space, by Metallurgy

This is a entry for the "Share your space" contest, featuring my personal working area. I got this crapped up corner computer desk a while back, and thought  of some improvements that could be made. I have already completed one here, and I would be outlining a second afterward. The intro just shows the desk, unedited, uncensored and uncleaned. This is what it normally looks like.

Step 1: Imporoving Upon My Space.

Organizing and cleaning would be a good start, but alas, I decided to make a bigger mess. Behold the small cupboard and CD rack, the two biggest wastes of spaces in the previous picture. Lets remove them, shall we? For the door, I'll skip the useless steps and get straight to what worked.

The only way to remove the door, would be through the hinges. I took various objects, a dremel, a knife, and a drill to the door, looking to remove the plastic hinges it sat on. The drill worked the best. By weakening the top hinge by drilling around it, I was able to hit the weakened top, thus breaking and removing the door with no damage to the desk itself. I saved the door handle and the magnet clasp that held it shut, more on that later.

Step 2: The CD Rack

The CD rack was easy to remove, just squeeze the plastic until it pops out of the grooves the two parts sit in

Unfortunately, there's a strip of wood  in the middle of my new shelf. Using the same method as the door to weaken  the wooden pegs on top would of been better than what I did, which was to break it in half by hitting it. The bottom of the shelf separated from the rest, slightly damaged now. By cutting a piece of the removed barrier, I can simply prop up the damaged corner underneath, no real harm done.

Step 3: Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

I keep losing my safety glasses between projects, and I found the perfect use for the door handle off the door I just pulled off. Taking the handle off was a breeze, just unscrew it and there you go. After scouting out a location for my "hanger" I traced out where the screws would fit into the handle, and proceeded to drill those two holes out. Drill bit size depends on the screw. Now I have a specific place to keep my glasses, which is really useful.

Step 4: Future Plans

For the main desk area, I'm going to be purchasing a flat steel square, big enough the cover most of my workspace.  I'm tired of dropping solder or anything else on the wood, and leaving a burn in the air and on the desk. Nothing much else to add, so this is the last step.

If this needs to appear as a slide show, please let me know. I feel that this a quasi-ible at best, I' not really sure where this belongs.

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