Introduction: Sharpen a Knife With Scissors (quick and Easy)

Did you see all those instruct-ables which require sandpaper or some pottery? Me personally don't have those laying around alle the time (e.g. at work, at school)

Do you still want a quick and dirty way to sharpen you knife.

That's were scissors enter the scene.

During this proces; the scissors stay just as sharp as before.

Step 1: Finding Good Scissors

Good scissors have at the back an area with narrowing metal.

See that you can modify this angle to the size of your liking.

If you would like to chop wood with you knife you will probably need an angle of about 45°. If your going to cut wood, try to get your angle as small as possible...

Step 2: The Sharpening

put you knife like in the picture. Press it against the "spleet" (like we say in flemisch)

Close the scissors till you get the corner you want. (see previous step)

Move it back and forward a couple of times,(note this is not sex) pressing it hard against the scissors. See that the angle between scissors and and knife is not 90°. I would advice an angle of about 70°.

Step 3: Testing

Put you knife with the edge on the nail of you thumb.

It sticks => You're knife has just been sharpened...