Introduction: Sharpener From HDD

It is the instruction on HDD alteration in a sharpener
In this case not working HDD is used. with the serviceable engine which twists disks.
The instruction universal, also is described many times on the Internet. The sharpener very weak, suits only for turning of pencils.

Step 1: HDD Dismantling

Full dismantling of HDD with extraction of all details, except the engine is made.

Step 2: Final Stage

The disk is cut out from an emery paper, prepared for installation and fixing on the engine.
The HDD case is ground so that all sticking-out and stirring surfaces grind off.
The engine management payment is established into place.
The disk is fixed and the engine is started. Installation is ready to work.

Step 3: In Work

Pencils ground by this sharpener.