Introduction: Sheet Goods Rack

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I had kicked around a few ideas when I decided that a lumber rack in place of the loft in the back corner of my shop would probably be the best plan. That spot in my shop is really too small for anything else and the loft that was there really wasn’t that practical.

I had already seen a few different plywood racks online and basically was gonna use that same idea and being that I had a Kreg pocket hole jig and a ton of 2.5″ screws left over from all the “farm style” tables I used to build, I figured this would be the route I’d take. I figured by using 8 foot 2×4’s and pocket screws I could simplify construction and keep the cost down as well. I also figured I could use the particle board from the loft to make the shelves for the side and top for more storage.

Step 1: Dimensions and Plans


Project Materials Needed:
(16) 2X4X8’

(1) 4X8X1/2” Plywood

Pocket Hole Jig

Jig Saw

Wood Glue

2 1/2” Screws

1 1/4” Screws

Plywood Cutting List:
One 4X8 Sheet 1/4” required

(3) 11”X48”

(1) 17 1/2X48

(1) 44X48

Wood cut list:

Cutting List: All 2X4X96
(6) Full Length Boards

(6) 2X4X48”

(7) 2X4X41”

(10) 2X4X17.5”

(16) 2X4X11”

Step 2: Making the Cuts and Pocket Holes.

I started out with 16 2×4’s and was able to make all my cuts out of them with very few leftovers.

The next step was to drill a lot of pocket holes. It’s a time consuming process with all the pocket holes, but it really simplifies construction and makes for fast assembly.

Step 3: Assembly

Once all the pocket holes were drilled it was time to start assembly. I started by assembling the three basic substructures first.

Next I added all the shelf supports and the top and bottom supports as well. I waited on the side supports until I had this thing upright and moved into position to try and keep the weight down some for ease of moving. I also anchored the rack to the wall in the two corners to try and help prevent any racking that may happen once it’s loaded with a lot of sheet goods.

Step 4: Watch the Video!

Watch the video to get a little better idea of how this thing is put together.

Step 5: Admire Your Handy Work!

Once your done you can sit back and admire your handy work. This is a fun and simple project that really fills a need in most wood working shops.