Introduction: Shelf-Final Project

This project is for Mr. Benincasa's class of 2020. My father and I worked on this as to create a shelf for our flowers and other plants. It was used from recycled materials from my father's jobs throughout the years.


Supplies used: A wooden pallet, 4 oak fence stakes, 5 pieces of 2x4 all of which are 29 inches, a box of Power Pro Stainless Steel 10 x 2 and 1/2'' Premium Exterior Wood Screws, a clamp, a DeWalt power saw, a DeWalt Drill and Set, 3M Pro Grade Precision 100 grit Advanced Sanding Sheets and measuring tape.

Step 1: Designing

Honestly, the designing process was easy. It didn't need to be needlessly complicated neither.

The designing was easy. Nothing uneasy to follow. Just follow along on what i say in the next steps and you should be fine.

Step 2: Materials

Now, we gathered what we need necessary for the job. A small 4 foot by 4 foot wooden pallet, which can be found at Home Depot if you don't have it. The others are a box of Power Pro Stainless Steel 10 x 2 and 1/2'' Premium Exterior Wood Screws which like the pallet can be found at Home Depot. A DeWalt Cordless Reciprocating Saw, Li-Ion, 20.0V and a DeWalt 18V Cordless Drill. 5 2x4 which are 29 inches in length. And oak fence stakes which are 36 inches.

Step 3: Setup and Sawing

First, we took two A frames to position the pallet correctly and to make it easier to saw. We took a L frame as to where we would be taking the pieces out of pallet, we measure 14 inches, as it was an inch away from the nails on both sides, we made marks on where to cut, remeasured to be sure. We then cut out our first piece, and repeated the steps. To saw with what we had, we had to place the blade lock against the wood to make sure not to vibrant or shake the wooden pallet.

Step 4: Sanding and Working on the Legs

We took 4 2x4, each 29 inches in length. We sawed off ten inches off 2 of the 2x4s as to act as the short shelf legs, the taller half is medium shelf legs and the other two act as the tallest shelf legs. I then sanded the sawed areas of the shelf pieces and legs as to stop splinters from happening. We then drilled on the first shelf, placing the pallet piece in between the tall shelf legs. We repeated for the rest.

Step 5: Stabilizing and Connecting the Shelves

We had 4 oak fence stakes, they were 36 inches each. we put two each sides, lining up against the legs and drilled in two to three per legs wood screws. We then put another set of stakes, up to where the top of the first shelf is. Same process as before. After doing so we cut off the pointed end the stake up to where it lines up with the first tall leg. After that we drilled on a 2x4, they were also 29 inches long, but we sawed the piece off to match the length of stake to stake. We then took the other half of it and then attached it to front of the shelving unit as drilling like we did before.

Step 6: The End

If you followed the instructions and images correctly, your shelf should look like what is shown.

Good job. Great job. I'm happy you did it.

Anyhow, this is my project finished.