Introduction: Gnewuch - Clock Project

My clock will be made to be in the style of a Victorian clock with my own added taste. Using recycled pieces of wood which costs zilch so this clock costs almost nothing for me and won't made made by cutting down more trees.

Step 1: Recycled Pieces

This project is about recycling. We decided to recycle pieces instead of buying new materials. So I decided to recycled wood since we have so much of it here and well, not to cut down more trees for their wood. Each item was picked out for its uniqueness. The tall piece with the slant top for a feel of a grandfather clock, the curved piece for the base of the clock. And a strange curvy pieces as sides just for something weird.

Step 2: Measurements, and Designing of Clock

In my journal, using inches, I made accurate drawings of my pieces on a esoteric view. I then, measured each pieces in inches. Then, a general outline of how the clock would look, both hand drawn and digitally. After that, in Inkscape, I made my clock face and hole where the clock would rotate on Inkscape. The clock face and hole was added into the designated area using the wood burner machine. Along with the large opening on the back where the clock motor will go with the wood carver.

Step 3: Smoothing and Cutting of the Pieces

First, to get it to a certain smoothness I used a sandpaper grit of 60 then, 100 and then 270. Each pieces were smoothed to a 270. The clock itself had its head rounded as well. the slope piece was cut into two piece for the clock to stand onto, and the strange piece was cut and put on the back of the clock as well compare to the sketch of the og clock, the strange piece was then smoothed and rounded on its ends along with the base pieces.