Introduction: Shining Up Your Clubs for the New Season

With a new golf season right around the corner it is important to start the season anew with fresh clubs. A fresh
set of clubs does not imply that a new set is necessary but rather a cleaned up and new look to the set that is probably still mud stained from last year’s hacks and heroics. By simply cleaning up the equipment that is already owned, players can save hundreds of dollars and still achieve the new equipment feel.

To prepare for the new season, there are three steps that can make your current equipment feel like new: a new set of grips, a clean set of clubs, and a fully stocked golf bag. Each of these three will be touched on in this piece to provide you, the golfer, with the feel of a fresh start for the new season.

Shine up your clubs:

Items needed:

· Bucket- something large enough to hold you clubs & let them soak

· Rags- old towels work perfect for this

· Brush scrubber- can purchase specialized one at a golf store or any sort of small bathroom scrubber would work also

· Water

· Vinegar

Step 1: Start by Filling Up a Bucket of Water About a Third of the Way Full. to That Add a Cup of Vinegar. the Vinegar Will Allow Any Rust That Might Have Built Up on Your Clubs to Come Off.

Step 2: Submerge Your Clubs Into the Water and Vinegar Mixture and Let Them Sit. This Could Take Anywhere From 5 Minutes to 30 Minutes Depending on How Much Junk Has Built Up on Your Clubs.

Step 3: Next You Want to Take One Club at a Time Out of the Solution. Start With Your Brush to Get the Built Up Grime Off of the Club. You Can Dip the Club Back Into the Solution to Wash Off Loose Material.

Step 4: Once the Club Head Is Clean Take a Rag and Dry Off the Club Head. With That Same Rag Proceed to Run It Up and Down the Shaft Until All Unwanted Material Is Gone.

Step 5: Lastly Make Sure the Entire Club Is Dried Off Before Returning to the Bag.

Step 6: