Introduction: Shock Picking and Changing

It is very important to be able to choose the right type of shock for the track conditions. I will show everyone how to read the setup book and pick the right shock. Then I will show how to change it in the fastest and most simple way.

Step 1: What You Will Need

First of all we will have to have the setup book so the we can choose the right shock for the track conditions. the other things needed will be spare shocks/ shock if you are just going to change one. Also needed will be two 3/4 inch wrenches and a jack.

Step 2: Checking the Track Conditions

Before you even look at the setup book look at the track conditions. Is it dry? dusty and dry? wet and muddy? or patchy ?

Step 3: Picking the Shock/shocks

Now find the proper shock/shocks. Follow the guide in the setup book to have the best luck for picking out the right one.

Step 4: Jacking Up the Front End

When jacking up the front end place the jack directly under the radiator on the cross member as shown in the picture. Jack the car up just far enough that most of the weight is off the front tires but not so the tires are off the ground. If you jack it up to high the shock will be fully extended and won't be able to be removed.

Step 5: Removing the Bottom Bolt

After the weight has been removed by jacking the car up take your two 3/4 inch wrenches and remove the bottom bolt which is attacked to the lower control arm.

Step 6: Removing the Top Bolt

Now that the bottom bolt is removed move on to the top bolt. The top bolt goes threw a mount directly attacked to the frame of the car. Use the same two wrenches as you did in the previous step to remove this bolt.

Step 7: Installing the New Shock

Finally after you have taken both top and the bottom bolts out remove the "old" shock and put the "new" shock in its place and reverse the two previous steps to install it. Now that your shock is installed you can lower the car back down and remove the jack.

Step 8: Now We Can "Just Send It"

Now everyone knows how to properly find and pick the right shock or shocks for the track conditions and change it in a fast affective way. If you watch closely in the video you can see the track was dry so I had the four dry shocks on for this feature race.