Introduction: Shoe Case Upgrade

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I would say sorry for my English it's foreign for me. If you will find mistakes or typos please let me know))

It's an instructable how we were maid out shoe case better and more comfortable)

Step 1: Reason

It was perfect-looking shoe case. But I did not have a chance to use it for any shoes (except slippers).

The construction of this case was unusable.

And decision about upgrading was approved)

What was decided? First, we need to make one big shelf for high shoes (for example, for my favorite Dr. Marten's). Secondly, a smaller shelf for low shoes such as sneakers or slippers. Why do we need this second regiment, why not use the bottom of the case? It's simple! We often use old newspapers for creativity (for example, as a substrate for painting products), and they also need to be stored somewhere. Therefore, we left a small gap of about 3 cm so that newspapers could be put there. Also it helps to use all surface of the shelf (the case bottom could not be used fully because the furniture partly interrupts this space) In addition, we decided to put on the shelves special mats for entry with a rubberized inner side so that wooden shelves would not deteriorate from wet shoes. And it is most convenient to clean them with a vacuum cleaner ;)

Step 2: Disassembling

You need not to disassemble the case on the separated boards and screws.

You need separated the bottom plate, the door and the main mechanism (the last will be dropped)

Step 3: Mark Places for Shelves

Mark the line of the bottom of each shelves (we have 2 shelves) and places for furniture (we have 2 small elements at the left and right sides of each shelves)

Distance between the shelves should be based on the shoes what you have.

Step 4: Setup Furniture for Shelves

There are nothing difficult in installation a furniture but it's a good idea to work with your personal assistant))))

Step 5: Making Shelves

Mark and cut the new shelves.

Note: shelves should be bigger then old shelves (you have no so big count of furniture the renew case) but little smaller then distance between inner surface of the left and right case walls (for easy changing of them)

And the shelves should be smaller then depth of your case (if you case have the similar construction), because the door will be partly inside the case

Step 6: If Boards Are Narrow: Marking

If you need a wide shelves but have only narrow boards - it's not so big issue:)

Take enough boards and mark places for connectors (like on photos)

Step 7: If Boards Are Narrow: Drilling

Try to drill the boards very accuracy. It helps to avoid issues with assembling your shelves.

And, of course, don't forget about your assistant because you have many interesting and dangerous things)

Step 8: If Boards Are Narrow: Assembling

Assemble the shelves with wooden sticks and glue. You could use them after several minutes after this step)

Step 9: Upgrade the Shelves

We've bought special rubber mat for saving our shelves and case from water.

You need just cut it and combine with your shelves by 2-sided tape.

Step 10: Furniture at the Bottom of the Case

Prepare small hole before drilling with big drill. It helps to make it more accuracy.

After that install the main part of furniture.

Step 11: Furniture at the Case Door

Install the next part of the furniture to the door and configure it.
It could be simpler if you combine the bottom and the door (temporary)

You could need to cut the edge of the door to avoid friction and clinging

Step 12: Case Assembling

Accuracy combine your case back)

Step 13: Install the Shelves

Step 14: Enjoy!

Now you can put your shoes into their new house and relax)))

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