Introduction: Shoe Cleaner

Going out and buying new white shoes every time they lose their pop to them? Unless money just now started growing on trees, the average person tries to wash them. However, without my new recipe with house hold items for new whiter white shoes. They will never go back to the way they will never go back to the way they were in their prime.

Step 1: Gather Your Items

The things that are needed are a pair of not so white shoes, laundry detergent (any kind will do), boiling water, a large bowl, tooth brush (any shoe brush will work as well), Old rag, tooth paste (any kind will do), baking soda also if you have any shoe cleaner you can toss that in too. Once all of the ingredients are together in the mixture you can advance to the next step.

Step 2: Add the Mixture

When everything is in order you can begin to mix them all together. Fill up the bowl half way with boiling water and put a laundry detergent in. Next, mix the tooth paste, shoe cleaner, and baking soda in there. A slight sizzling is normal but it shouldn’t be so much that worry is needed of running over the bowl.

Step 3: Start Scrubin

Everything is mixed in the bowl and is ready for it to be added to the shoes. Take the tooth brush and dip in the mixture of ingredients. Spread the mixture on a small area and start to scrub the sole of the shoe first brushing the long ways of the shoe. However, once you get to the toe of the shoe go in a circular motion.

Step 4: Don't Over Do It

In the event that too much mixture is on the shoe take a towel and try to dry it off a little bit. Especially if it has run into the inside of the shoe and is collecting water on the inside. Surprisingly this happens more often than one would think. As a result of this it can ruin the inside of the shoe and take a lot longer for it to dry.

Step 5: Let Dry

After all of the cleaning the washing can finally begin. Wash the shoes out under a sink and scrub them again with a washed tooth brush. Do this until no more bubbles come off the shoe. Now that that is done, dry them off with the rag and hang up the shoes outside so they can dry naturally. Leave them until the natural white comes back!