Introduction: Shoe Lace Anchors Upgraded

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I have "invented" something that is similliar to shoe lace anchors,but better!! it is very simple to make,needs very little time and resources and why wouldn't you make it ?

Stuff you need:

4 or 8 washers (or whatever that is called)

shoes - mine have paracord laces so it is thicker ,that is why i only needed 4 .you may need to get smaller washers if your laces are thin ,or find an ible on shoe lace anchors that use 8 washers,there are 2 already on instructables

Step 1: Starting

it is time to get rid of your old , lame crossed shoelace finnish!

Simply , to start just pull your laces out of the last hole and put them in the hole above,not on the other side

Step 2: Making the Anchor Part

Make a loop on the end of your shoe lace ,put a washer over it and pull the cord through the loop above the washer.

Tighten,adjust,repeat on all 4 ends of your laces and proceed to next step .

Step 3: How to Use It

Take one loop , put it over the washer on the other side .take the other loop,put it on the washer on the other side.

NOTE: i did not and probably will not cut my lace ends to the washer , but you can if you think you won't need to adjust the tightness.maybe just leave a few centimeters if you want ,or just cut it off all the way to the washer if you don't want it to hang loose.

Step 4: DONE!

This is what it looks like ,it should not slip off if you made it tight enough and it works as well as a knot if you tightened it enough.

Hope you enjoyed my ible,if you have any suggestions/ see a grammar mistake that slipped by me , just comment .