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Introduction: Shoebox Monster

Well hello, if you've seen my stuff you can tell I'm not to good with this instructables and bad at…

This is an Instructable on how to make a fuzzy monster. this Instructable can be for kids, adults, puppetiers...anybody really.

MATERIALS: a shoebox with top, pom poms small and large, red foam, alot of fuzzy stuff any kind of fuzz, foam an inch thick, and craft glue.

Step 1: Start the Face

For the monsters face take your shoebox and cut only the long sides of the box not the bottom or the short sides.

Step 2: Getting the Base and Head.

now with your shoebox top take it and put it on the top of the monster see how much you need until 1 1/2 inches to the fold. cut where the top of the head starts so the top can flip open. now with the excess cut it so you have about an inch and a half of the shoebox top. don't glue them on yet though.

Step 3: Foam Part

for this step with the foam you have you'll need to cut it to the length and width of the top and bottom of the box. once that is done take your craft glue and glue the bottom one on first. no the top on shall be only glued around the edges so your hand can fit under it. make it snug or your hand might come out. after you have glued the foam in take the top of the head and the inch and a half piece and glue them on.

Step 4: Fuzz and Foam

First take your red foam to see how big you need the pieces for the inside of the mouth. once you have that glue it on and let it dry. when dry you can take your fuzz and measure your pieces the fuzz should cover the whole box except for the mouth and the back where your hand should go.

Step 5: Pom Poms

your final step is easy. take your two large white pom poms and put the where the eyes should go.
then take two small black pom poms and put on top of the larger ones for real eyes. now use the other small white pom poms to make the teeth. once it is all dry you are done!

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Nice looking monster! Did you build him for any special occasion?


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks but no i didnt build it for any thing special i just felt like making something cool and i got this.