Introduction: Shoes Storage Stand Out of Old Fans

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Before getting our air conditioner we used to buy electric fans and use them all summer to stay cool but after years of using them, we have a room full of old and broken fans that are useless so my dad wanted to get rid of them since they are taking space but i always told him to not throw them away because i like recycling and making DIY projects, i knew that one day i will use them to make something, that day came and i had the idea to make a shoes storage stand and i'm going to share with you the steps to make this project and i hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

You will need:

- Electric fans:

- White paint:

- Container lids:

- Pringles caps:

- Scissors:

- Pliers:

Step 2: Old Fans

So to begin i gathered the fans and started examining them, discarding the ones that are too rusty or too broken and it took me a while to find the right pieces, it was a mess!

Step 3: Painting

I took 4 back grills (the cover that protects the blades of the fan) put them next to each other and i noticed some of them has a small amount of rust but they were sturdy so i cleaned them and painted them with white paint and left them to dry, they look fresh as new.

Step 4: Gathering the Necessary Parts

I took 2 fans, removed the upper parts because i only needed 2 stands with base (legs of the fan) then i cut the cords of the fans and put all the parts next to the 4 grills.

Step 5: Plastic Container Lids

I took 4 plastic containers and removed the lids, you have to use lids that are made from hard plastic and not the soft ones that bends easily.

Step 6: Pringles Caps

I brought 4 pringles caps, you can use any other brand that has similar plastic caps.

Step 7: Cutting and Painting

For this step you'll need strong sharp scissors, i took the 4 container lids one by one and used the scissors to make a big hole in the middle (the hole needs to be a bit smaller then the stand diameter and i'll explain why later) and 4 tiny holes, i painted them with white paint because i didn't like the orange color then left them to dry completely.

Step 8: Cutting the Caps

I took the pringles caps and cut one big hole in the middle and four tiny holes and made sure that they align with the ones i did to the container lids.

Step 9: Removing Unecessary Parts

I didn't like the small parts on the grills that are used to hold the fan covers together so i decided to remove them.

Step 10: Plying

It was easy to remove those pieces from the grills, i grabbed them one by one using a pliers and moved them up and down and they were completely removed, i threw them away.

Step 11: Top and Bottom Parts

I brought the 2 similar stands, the one on the left is going to be the base part so i kept the legs and removed the extending tube (the metal tube), the one on the right is going to be the top part so i removed the legs and kept the extending tube

Step 12: The First Grill

I removed the joint and started installing the first grill, i wrapped a piece of fabric around the stand so the grill fits perfectly then i slid the grill on the stand and put it on top of the legs.

Step 13: Putting the Pringles Caps

I took 2 of the pringles caps and fixed them one by one on the grill, the reason i said earlier that the middle hole in the caps must be a bit smaller than the stand diameter is that when you put it on the grill it would be tight enough to fix it and prevent it from moving around.

Step 14: Sewing

Before installing the second grill there are some things you need to to do, the first grill was easy to put because it has a support that is the legs of the stand but this one needs a support to hold the weight so to make a support i took a long piece of the cord that i cut from the fan earlier and wrapped it on top of the stand and made 2 knots, one in the front and one in the back, i made sure that the knots are tight and won't cause the support to slip.

Step 15: Putting the Container Lid

I brought one of the container lids and put it right on top of the support then i pulled the cords through 2 of the tiny holes.

Step 16: The Second Grill

I put the second grill on top of the container lid and pulled the cords through the holes then i fixed one of the pringles caps on top of the grill.

Step 17: Sewing

I started sewing the grill with the pringles cap and the container lid using the cord going through the aligned holes from outside of the container lid to inside of the pringles cap like you see in the photos. I made a knot with the remaining cord under the container lid so it won't show.

Step 18: Joint

When i finished sewing i took the joint and put it back on top of the stand, i twisted it without making it too tight. The bottom part of the storage stand was done so i put it aside and moved to the the top part.

Step 19: The Top Part

To make the top part of the storage stand, i took the other stand ( the one i removed its legs) i flipped it upside down and removed the joint.

Step 20: Pringles Cap

I took a pringles cap and slide it throught the stand all the way to the top.

Step 21: The Third Grill

I brought the third grill and put it under the cap.

Step 22: Sewing

I put the container lid under the grill for support then i sewed them all together with the cord just like i did with the grill before it.

Step 23: The Fourth Grill

Now i have one grill to go, this one is a bit different then the others, i took a container lid flipped it upside down, put it through the stand then i put the last grill under it, flipped the the whole stand upside down and fixed the last container lid on the grill ( the 2 containers must be opposite to each other).

Step 24: Sewing

I sewed the grill with the 2 containers using the cord.

Step 25: Joint

I extended the metal tube to it's maximum length then twisted the joint back in its place.

Step 26: The Top and Bottom Parts

I was done with the top part so i brought the bottom part and put them next to each other.

Step 27: Assembling

It's time to assemble them together, i loosened the joint a little bit then i put the top stand into the bottom stand and twisted the joint back tightly.

Step 28: It's Done!

And it's done!

I use this storage stand to organize my shoes but you can use it for anything you want (clothes, makeup and beauty products, fruits and vegetables) it is sturdy and does not take much space i put it in the corner of my bedroom.

Step 29: Placing Shoes on the Stand

I placed my boots, converse sneakers and other shoes on the stand, some of them are heavy and some are light and as you can see the grills didn't tilt to one side, it all stayed balanced.

Step 30: Video

I made a video of the stand so you can see it better and i hope you enjoyed this project, Bye Bye ❤️

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