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Introduction: Shop Storage: Bank of Drawers

This little bank of drawers has a whole lot of storage for things like hardware, hand tools or just odd and ends that have no home.

Step 1: Rip Plywood & Cut to Length

First rip a piece of plywood into two 12" pieces. this is going to make up the box for the cabinet. if you go 64" long by 16" tall (making the risers 14.5 long) you will only need a piece of plywood 24" wide by 96" long.

Step 2: Cut Dados in Risers & Assembly the Box

I made my drawers 2" deep. this allowed me to get 6 drawers per section. I cut 6 dado 1/4" by 1/4" into all the risers (both sides of the two middle risers). I then cut 4 dados equally spaced in the top and bottom piece to accept the risers. I then glued and screwed it all together making sure I was square before attaching the back panel.

Step 3: Rip and Cut to Length Bottoms and Sides of Drawers

I ripped the bottoms to 11 7/8 and cut to the length the same as the distance from slot to slot leaving 1/8" for clearance. I then ripped and my pine boards to 1 7/8 except the fronts, I ripped them to 3 7/8 so I could drill the holes in the centre for the pulls and and then rip in half to make two fronts.

Step 4: Drill Holes for the Pulls

I drilled the holes in the centre of the fronts then ripped in half giving me two drawer fronts.

Step 5: Assembled the Drawer Sides

I made a little jig that I screwed the bench to help things go a little faster. They are just held together with 2 screws per corner.

Step 6: Attached Bottom

I clamp two pieces of scrap wood in my vice giving my the proper spacing of the bottoms. I then glued the bottoms to the sides and tacked it together with a few brads to hold thing together till the glue dried.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is one of the best instructional articles I have ever seen. I would like to know more about how the rest of the shop is set up.