Introduction: Short Two-Headed Arcade Cabinet

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My wife wanted another kid, but I wanted to build a retropie game cabinet, so I built a short one with two monitors.


Most of the supplies are from ebay

4 Pre-made table legs

1" x 12" pine wood

Formica veneer

Spray adhesive




Hole saw

Jig saw

2 joysticks

16 arcade buttons

2 - 10" monitors


Power strip

3' led strip

Raspberry pi 2b running retropie

HDMI dual monitor adapter

2 - 100w 3" speakers

300w audio amp

Volume controller

112v system power switch

Power button for pi

3 momentary buttons for internal leds

Peg board

Step 1: Building the Base

• I started with a prefabricated coffee table base; four legs and a rectangle which I shortened a bit.

• Next I cut some panels that would position the monitors at a comfortable angle and allow space for the internal components.

• For the removable bottom panel, I used a piece of pegboard fastened by 4 screws.

• The surface is "upholstered" with left over formica from a different project.

Step 2: Adding Components

• Everything that needs power plugs into the power strip mounted on the inside.

• The holes for the monitors were cut with a jig-saw

• A 3" hole saw was used to make the holes for the speakers on the sides.

• As an embellishment I included USB Powered RGB 5050 LED Strip Lighting.

• The power buttons, led strip controls and USB ports are on the bottom of the "Player 1" side.

• The volume control knob is in the center of one side, below the speaker hole.

Step 3: Finishing

• For the top, I adhered a wood veneer onto a thin sheet of plastic, and cut holes relative to the screens and buttons.
• This wood/plastic sheet is sandwiched between the body and a piece of plexiglass and is held in place with 6 carriage bolts.
• The plexiglass was cut with a jig saw and shaped with a plastic bending tool.
• Through the retropie interface, I was able to upload a custom mp4 video with an illustration of the game cabinet.

Step 4: Testing

So far my older kids and I have gotten a lot of enjoyment out of it.

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