Introduction: Short Rage Wireless Music Transmitter

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Now , i am with a short range wireless FM transmitter which can powered through USB. It can take audio signals and transmit it over a short . It's maximum rage is around 100- 150 can easily listen it over a radio . it's very cheap and easy to build.

Step 1: Fetching Parts

All you need are some common electronic components.
You can buy them at Radio Shack!

1. Transistor BC 548 OR 2N2219a.

2.Capacitors : 1n , 1n , 10p , 10p variable , 1uF electrolytic.

3. Resistors : 2k7 or 2.7 k , 1k , 10k , 10 variable.

4. Inductor : you can make by yourself . 7 turns on 3mm or  6 turns3mm.

5. Battery : 9 volt .

6.  PCB you have to make one or use breadboard.

7. Antenna 10 cm long!

8. Nothing else

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Here is the simple circuit diagram!

Step 3: PCB - LAYOUT

Here is the PCB layout.
In the next PCB  the red ones are capacitors , green ones are resistors , brown one is variable resistor , white one is transistor , yellow one is inductor and other holes are for power and input and antenna. TO make this PCB at home you have to follow this link : """".

Step 4: Finished Product

HERE is the finished product!

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