Introduction: Shorten Power Cable

About: Nothing much about me just that i am young and new at these things
Take a standard figure 8 cable or standard kettle lead.

Step 1: Cutting

cut cable to length that you want

Step 2: Strip Cables Down

I used a cable strippers but you could use a knife or any sharp instrament

Step 3:

Put some cable shrink around cable and then twist cable together. n.b: all colours should match up.

Step 4:

Wrap cables up seperatly and then when cables are completly isolated put togher and rap them up again.

Step 5:

Pull down shrink over taped up end and heat i used a ligher but you can use anything that is hot (n.b) to hot will melt shrink cable and also might dapage cable.

Step 6: Finaly

You have a shorted cable that makes life bit easier in your bag and on the wall.