Introduction: Shot Ski

Warning: Drink Responsibly

In the following instructable, I will show you how to make a shot ski. A shot ski is a device used for taking shots as a group. Generally, you use an old ski as the base, but i don't have an old ski so i used a 2x3. You can decorate your shot-ski however you wish. Since creating this instructable, I went back and added vinyl stickers to mine.

Step 1: Gather Materials

To build a shot ski you will need the following things:

Should be able to pick up all of the materials at your local hardware store


1 1 3/8" spade bit
1 drill or impact
1 pair of gloves
1 pencil
1 tape measure
1 Palm or Belt Sander
1 Rag
1 Flathead screwdriver
2 1" Foam brushes
1 Chop saw

4 shot glasses
1 can of epoxy
1 2x3 board ( generally sold at 8ft, you will only need a foot per shot glass)
1 tube of general purpose silicone
1 can of your choice of stain

Step 2: Mark and Cut 2x3

Note: You can make your shot ski with as with as many shot glasses as you desire. I wanted my shot ski to hold 4 shot glasses, so I made the shot ski 4' long. This way each shot is about 12" apart and people don't bump heads while taking the shot.

1. First, use the tape measure and pencil to mark out 48" on the board. (As shown in the first image)

2. Next use a chop saw to cut the board right next to the mark you just made. ( As shown in the second image)

Step 3: Drilling Holes for Shot Glasses

1. Using the tape measure and pencil mark a hash 6" away from an edge of the board.

2. Places 3 more hashes every 12" from the first hash.

3. Also using the tape measure and pencil mark a centerline down the 2x3

4.Using the 1 3/8" spade bit and impact, drill holes at your hash marks where they intersect the centerline.

Step 4: Sanding the 2x3

Note: Preferable first sand the board with coarse sandpaper (120 grit or lower) and then sand it again with fine sandpaper. (240 grit or higher)

1. Using a palm or belt sander to sand the 2x3 following the grain. (The grain runs long ways on the board)

Step 5: Staining the Board

Note: You can use any color stain you wish, I choose a stain I had laying around. While applying the stain follow the grain

1. First, make sure to put on gloves, because stain will stain your hands.

2. After opening the can using a screwdriver, apply stain to the board using a foam brush

3. Wait 15 minutes for the stain to set, then remove the excess stain with an old rag

Step 6: Epoxying the Board

Note: Make sure you also have gloves on while epoxying the board.

1. Using a foam brush apply epoxy to the board.

2. Check the sides of the board to prevent runs of epoxy from forming

3. Wait 3-4 hours for the epoxy to dry

4. Sand the board with a fine grit of sandpaper

5. Epoxy the board once again, following steps 1 & 2

Step 7: Affixing the Shot Glasses

1. Apply a generous amount of silicone to each hole you drilled.

2. After applying the silicone put a shot glass into each hole

3. Wipe off any excess silicone

4. Wait 20 minutes for silicone to dry

Step 8: Testing the Shot Ski

1. Grab 3 buddies

2. Pour your "favorite beverage" into shot glasses

3. Take the "shots"

4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you run out of your "favorite beverage" or you are satisfied