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Introduction: Shou Sugi Ban Wooden Wall Clock

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  1. Wood (Yellow Pine or any).
  2. Chart Paper (To draw stencil on it).
  3. Marker.
  4. Gas Stove or Flame Torch (To burn wood).
  5. Hard Nylon Brush.
  6. Steel Wool.
  7. Masking tape.
  8. Epoxy Resin (crystal clear)
  9. Acrylic Paint.
  10. Hot Glue Gun.
  11. Hook to hang clock.
  12. 12 volts Blue LED Light Strip.
  13. Wall Clock Kit (Machine and needles).

Step 1: Prepare the Wood

  1. Draw the pattern on Chart Paper.
  2. Cut each piece.
  3. Place these pieces on wood and mark with marker.
  4. Cut each piece of wood and arrange them.

Step 2: Do Shou_Sugi_Ban Technique

  1. Take a piece of wood one by one and burn it on fame. Write its number on its back so after burned them all piece placed on its desired place.
  2. Let them cool down.
  3. Rub each piece with hard nylon brush until the grains pop out from the wood. (Caution! Face mask and glasses)
  4. Rub the corners with steel wool if needed.
  5. Wipe the piece with cloth.
  6. Take the big center piece and make a segment in it to fit the clock machine.
  7. Cover that segment with masking tape so the epoxy does not get in it.

Step 3: Prepare for Epoxy Resin

  1. Spread the old news paper on the surface.
  2. Spread the masking tape on the surface but the sticky side must be up.
  3. Put all pieces of that tape and press them to stick it on.
  4. Stick the remaining tape from all side to the wood pieces. So resin must not flow outside when we pour it up.
  5. Mix the resin and hardener equally. Add acrylic paint in very small amount. Mix well.
  6. Pour it in between the wood walls.
  7. Wait for dry.
  8. Remove all the masking tape.

Step 4: Epoxy Resin on Wood. (Optional)

I really don't like the effect of resin on burnt wood. It gives plastic like look and also remove detail of wood grains. I feel it looks better before pouring resin on it. If you are going to make it so you may skip this steps.
  1. Spread the old news paper on surface.
  2. Put the structure on some wood pieces or any other thing just to make the structure above from ground.
  3. Stick masking tape from behind the hole which I have make to fix machine. and from the out side put hot glue on it. So it is easy to reopen that hole.
  4. Put clear resin on it and spread it with piece of chart paper (Always use gloves while handling resin).
  5. Blow hot air on the surface just to remove air bubbles. Use heat gun or hair dryer.

Step 5: Final Touch

  1. Fix some hook to hang it.
  2. Put LED strip on the back and put hot glue to fix it.
  3. Fix the clock machine and needles.

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    Nice work, I really like it

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    I am glad that you like it.


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    Thank you.