Introduction: Should Brake Should Brake Pads Glide Smoothly? YES!!

Should Brake Should Brake Pads Glide Smoothly? YES!!

Step 1:

own break because there's actually a lot of things that you have to do to make them right like for instance fitting break here's a perfect example this is put in by the dealership and look it takes a screwdriver to pound these things out so this is what causes the uneven wear take a look how thin this is and look at the other side it's because the brake pads are not able to move so here's another look at those shoes you can see how worn they are and compared to the new shoes you can definitely see this in perspective now here is a shoe and you can see this nip here goes through this groove and it's got to be able to move or they're going to wear unevenly now when I go ahead and try to put it in there you can see it's not going to sit and a lot of people they go ahead and see if they can muscle it in there and go wow I did it well don't do that it takes time to file it down just a little bit to make sure that thing's going to glide in there and yes it's really worth the time to take the file and move it in see how that moves that's what it's supposed to look like right there so now that mechanically moved we're going to go ahead and put a little bit of grease on those needs and that's going to help it move even better because it really is important for even wear on the brake shoesokay see how nice that fits in there now that's terrific we'll go ahead and put this car together and get it back and rolling