Shower Basket Installation

Introduction: Shower Basket Installation

Shower baskets are great ways to organize your shower. I had seen them frequently in hotels, so I bought some to install in my shower at home. However, when I went to install them I discovered my shower walls are not square and there are no studs behind the tile for the mounting screws to bite into. In this Instructable I'll be showing you how to overcome these challenges and install a shower basket like this one.

Step 1: Square Wall Example

Walls should be made square, like in this example.

Step 2: Skewed Wall Example

My shower walls were not made square, so there was a gap between the wire basket and the wall when I tried to put it in the corner. I also found that there were no studs behind the tile for the mounting screws to thread in.

Step 3: Installation Video!

This video will show you the complete installation of the shower baskets.

Step 4: Shower Basket Label

Here's the label from the baskets I used. These have worked very well, easy to clean and no corrosion! Thanks for watching!

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    7 years ago

    Use a 5.5mm masonry drill bit and a cup of water to keep the bit cool(so that it don't break) stick a red plug in and then a blob of clear silicon onto the end, screw the screw in and wipe off the excess silicone from around the basket, is how I install them

    But a good way you have there also.