Introduction: Shower Buddy V.2

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Showers are amazing things. Let me set you a scene. You wake up on a cold winter morning, the sun has yet to rise. The shower awaits you. the moment you touch the warm, flowing water, and you take a breathe of the humid warm air, you feel at home. you are already starting to wake up, and almost feel excited. you glance behind you to see your little buddy right there, absorbing the humidity. His roots, imbeaded deeply into moss, begin to soak up water. Your awake, and your day has already had a refreshing start.

Let's learn how to make a shower buddy!!! This isn't my idea, initially, as I saw it on AngryRedHead's account. I didn't have a smooth wall to put a suction cup on. So this is what I did to compromise!!!

Step 1: Stuff...

Git yo' stuffff together. You will need....
*Christmas cactus cuttings
*Wire mesh in cross shape
*Sphagnum moss
Thats it!!

Step 2: Assemble Mesh Planter!!!

Fold the sides of the mesh up, or down using the corner of a counter/table for nice folds. This is an easy step, but then again all of them are!!!

Step 3: Moss It!!!!

Wet your sphagnum moss, and squeeze out the water. You don't want it to be soaking wet, just damp. Place it in the planter, but don't smash it down. Leave it a bit fluffy for the roots to easily grow.

Step 4: Last Step. Plant It......

Move and seperate some moss for the cactus to slip in. Don't shove it down, you want to let the roots grow out easily. Boom! Done!!Comment if you have any questions, or just an add a boy. Thanks.
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