Introduction: Shower Wall Water Collector

With this easy to build and inexpensive addition to your shower, you can save water without having to do any work! It saves four ounces of water for an eight minute shower and even more if you use a squeegee.

Step 1: Buy Equipment

You Will Need:

Duct Tape - 1 roll

½” Plastic “J” Bead - (as needed for shower dimensions)

¼” Plastic Tubing - 1'

Waterproof Plastic Container with top - 1

Step 2: Build It!

1. Mesure your shower wall dimensions (not door)

2. cut plastic J molding to fit each wall

3. Angle the side wall J moldings towards the back wall of your shower

4. Repeat for any and all walls except the back wall

5. Cut last piece of J molding in half

6. Attach both pieces to back wall beneath previous piece in a V shape.

7. Tape them together at the middle and make round hole for tubing

8. Insert other end of tube into container with lid on

9. You are ready to save water!

Step 3: What to Do With Your Saved Water

Really you can use it for anything, except drinking!

Some suggestions I have are watering your garden, lawn, or potted plants.

You could even pipe it into your toilet for flushing.

Just remember, DO NOT DRINK IT!(really)