Introduction: Showing Respect

Different countries have a different way of showing respect

I will be showing how to be respectful in United States

Step 1: How to Be Respectful

During my time in the United States, fortunately I had many opportunities to eat at fine dining restaurants and also learn Business Etiquette from school.

First impression always matters and it is especially important to do it the right way the first time. Yes, the general manner is still okay, but I wanted to show that they are few more steps in showing respect in the States.

1. Always put your phone on Silence or turn them off

2. If you have important call that you need to take, let the other person know in advance

3. Ask if they have any preference or anything that they can not eat. (vegan, fish)

3. Use the silverware from the outside to inside.

4. Place your napkin in your lap.

5. Don't talk or cover your mouth when you have food in your mouth

6. The main knife and fork is for the main dish. (this could be steak or fish)

7. Wait until everyone in the table has been served.

8. Use the butter knife and take the appropriate amount for bread.

9. Do not cut everything at once.

10. Ask the person next to you to pass the item that you need (salt & pepper, napkin, etc.)

11. Say "Excuse me," if you burp or if you need to leave the table for bathroom or emergency reasons

12. If you get something stuck in the mouth, go to the restroom, don't do it in front of the person.