Introduction: Side Swept Puff on Natural Hair

This is one of the easiest styles to do and it is very error-proof. To accomplish this, you will need:

1. Bobby Pins

Step 1: Stretch Hair


On an old twistout, braidout, bantu knot out, or any out style, fluff out the hair to stretch it as much as possible

Step 2: Sweep Hair

Sweep your hair to the side you want, moving your hands to your crown area.

Step 3: Secure Hair

Secure your hair with a bobby pin, flat side up.

Step 4: Pin Back

Repeat pinning action on the back of your head area.

Step 5: Repeat Pinning

Repeat pinning action on the opposite side of your head

Step 6: Fluff Hair

Finally, fluff your puff to let it fall and gain as much height as desired.

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