Introduction: SideWinder Covert Thumb Drive Mod.

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Have no need for the weights in your Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse? Ran out of hiding places for your flash drives? Well this ible will show you how to take advantage of this extra space you might never use.

Step 1: Get the Parts...

First off you will need:

> Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse WITH the Weight carage.
> Flash / thumb drive of your choice of size (recommended around 8+ gigs)
    -> The flash drive must be small in length, bust be less then 48MM!!!
> Hot glue gun
> a ruler (or a measuring device)
> Pliers / Cutters of some sort
> Exacto blade / nife

Step 2: Flash Drive Dissassembly...

Simply Disassemble your flashdrive, so all you have is the circuit.

Step 3: Measure...

Before any cuts can be made, first measure out where you will place your flash/thumb drive on the weight carriage.
The most you can fit is 53MM but it would be wise to have it 50mm or less (mines at 51mm)

Step 4: Cut Cut, Snip Snip...

Cut off the end of the carriage and then cut off the tabs (shown in the image).

Step 5: Fitting Like a Glove?...

After cutting the pieces off the carriage, add a small blob of glue and place your flash / thumb drive onto the cropped down carriage and try fitting it into the mouse, if you see a small gap, you need to trim off a bit more, but if you don' see a gap but its a fight to have it click closed, its still to large, so again as the top. trim it down a notch.

Step 6: It Fits!

After you have your flash / thumb drive fit perfectly with this small amount of glue, get your glue gun and secure it to your moddified carriage.

after gluing fit your flash drive back into your mouse to check if it fits one more time, after having a nice fit, wait for the glue to dry then sand and even out the glue with the flash drive so it looks nice. After waiting and paint the glue black (or your choice of colour) so it doesn't look funny.

Step 7: Finnished.

And your finished, You now have a "difficult-to-find" flash drive that only YOU know of its location.

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