Introduction: Sideways Knitted Beanie - Using Short Rows

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A bobble hat / beanie knitted sideways using 'short rows'. Bobble is always optional

Step by step image instructions for short rows included

Step 1: You Will Need

100g of Aran / Worsted Yarn

1 pair of 5mm / UK6 / US8 needles

Bobble maker (optional) - See here for other ways to make bobbles without a bobble maker

A knowledge of cast on and off, garter stitch (knit every row) and short rows (here in this Instructable if you are not certain.)


  • K = Knit
  • RS = Right side
  • WS = Wrong side
  • rpt = Repeat
  • st(s) = Stitches
  • w&t = (Wrap & Turn) Slip the next st purlwise onto your right needle, bring yarn forward, slip st back to the left needle, turn your work and continue with next row - See the YouTube video of simple instructions I have found and linked in the next step for you

Step 2: Short Rows How to (video Not Made by Me)

What are short rows? Short rows are partial rows of knitting that are used to shape or curve sections

I have found this YouTube video for you, which I did not make, but shows how simple they can be.

Step 3: The Pattern

Cast on 33 [34, 35] sts

  • Row 1: Knit all sts
  • Row 2: K32 [33, 34] w&t - See images (A) & (B)
  • Row 3: Knit to end
  • Row 4: K31 [32, 33] w&t - See image (B)
  • Row 5: Knit to end
  • Row 6: K30 [31, 32] w&t - See image (B)
  • Row 7: Knit to end
  • Row 8: K29 [30, 31] w&t - See image (B)
  • Row 9: Knit to end
  • Row 10: K28 [29, 30] w&t - See image (B)
  • Row 11: Knit to end

Keep following in the manner above until there are 9 [10, 11] slipped or wrapped stitches on the right hand needle (see image (C) top photo)

Next row: Knit across all sts picking up all the slipped / wrapped sts along the way (see image (C) bottom photo)

This on one panel ... continue ...

Step 4: Repeat Panel 5 More Times

Start again from row 1 and repeat another 5 times (in total, 6 panels for a finished hat) and cast off

Step 5: Sew Up Side Seam

Sew up the side seam, turn right side out and add your bobble (optional)

Here are some good instructions by Hobbycraftfor making pom poms in a variety of ways

Step 6: Roll Up a Cuff and Wear

Roll up the bottom of your hat for a cuff if you wish

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