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Introduction: Sideways Knitted Beanie - Using Short Rows

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A bobble hat / beanie knitted sideways using 'short rows'. Bobble is always optional

Step by step image instructions for short rows included

Step 1: You Will Need

100g of Aran / Worsted Yarn

1 pair of 5mm / UK6 / US8 needles

Bobble maker (optional) - See here for other ways to make bobbles without a bobble maker

A knowledge of cast on and off, garter stitch (knit every row) and short rows (here in this Instructable if you are not certain.)


  • K = Knit
  • RS = Right side
  • WS = Wrong side
  • rpt = Repeat
  • st(s) = Stitches
  • w&t = (Wrap & Turn) Slip the next st purlwise onto your right needle, bring yarn forward, slip st back to the left needle, turn your work and continue with next row - See the YouTube video of simple instructions I have found and linked in the next step for you

Step 2: Short Rows How to (video Not Made by Me)

What are short rows? Short rows are partial rows of knitting that are used to shape or curve sections

I have found this YouTube video for you, which I did not make, but shows how simple they can be.

Step 3: The Pattern

Cast on 33 [34, 35] sts

  • Row 1: Knit all sts
  • Row 2: K32 [33, 34] w&t - See images (A) & (B)
  • Row 3: Knit to end
  • Row 4: K31 [32, 33] w&t - See image (B)
  • Row 5: Knit to end
  • Row 6: K30 [31, 32] w&t - See image (B)
  • Row 7: Knit to end
  • Row 8: K29 [30, 31] w&t - See image (B)
  • Row 9: Knit to end
  • Row 10: K28 [29, 30] w&t - See image (B)
  • Row 11: Knit to end

Keep following in the manner above until there are 9 [10, 11] slipped or wrapped stitches on the right hand needle (see image (C) top photo)

Next row: Knit across all sts picking up all the slipped / wrapped sts along the way (see image (C) bottom photo)

This on one panel ... continue ...

Step 4: Repeat Panel 5 More Times

Start again from row 1 and repeat another 5 times (in total, 6 panels for a finished hat) and cast off

Step 5: Sew Up Side Seam

Sew up the side seam, turn right side out and add your bobble (optional)

Here are some good instructions by Hobbycraftfor making pom poms in a variety of ways

Step 6: Roll Up a Cuff and Wear

Roll up the bottom of your hat for a cuff if you wish

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    leila carlyle
    leila carlyle

    2 years ago on Step 6

    Brilliant. It fits really nicely, much more so than other bobble hats I've made. I also made two of these, without the bobbles, in fine sock wool (had to start with more stitches and use finer needles, of course). and gave them to my friend. He wears one inside his cycle helmet or both together, one inside the other, if he's out for a winter walk. Many thanks for a great instructable.


    6 years ago

    I always love seeing an alternative way to construct something. Thanks for sharing!


    Reply 6 years ago

    I love making them with self patterning yarn. They turn out fun

    I make them interesting as I give them to homeless people mostly.